Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Health Care System

Everyone seems to have an opinion, and so do I.  Here it is.

Totally open it up to competition like Car and Home Insurance.  Rates will lower, some people will offer crappy services, some good.  Rich people will ALWAYS have more medical advantages over poor no matter WHAT system we have.  

Take me for example.  My doctors and insurance love me.  I get fat, I get sick, they push drugs, everyone makes money.

But do I need drugs?  Not really!  I am a Type II diabetic, and all this could be reversed with diet and exercise changes.  But insurance only covers drugs.  At least mine does.  So the doctors keep giving me more drugs.  Ever since I went on insulin, I just keep on gaining.  I'm not living, I'm slowly dying.  But hey, I'm COVERED!

What do I really want?  

I want to go get psychological counseling so I can figure out why I'm punishing myself with food and inactivity.  Covered?  Barely, and not a lot of people are in the "Preferred Network."
Visits to a diabetes education doctor that when I had goopy eyes gave me a prescription for...oh, MORE DRUGS - antibiotics that on top of it make it harder for the diabetes drugs to work?    COVERED! (Didn't take them, I knew it was allergies, but no one listens)

I would like to hire a cook or go to some cooking classes to re-start myself in the culinary arts.  Covered?  Heck NO.  That's a luxury.  But $100 worth of testing strips for my little meter - $15.  COVERED!

I would like to hire a trainer to kick my ass.  No excuses, someone willing to be hated once in awhile and loved forever.  Covered?  HECK NO.  Luxury say the Insurers!!!
$80 a month out of pocket for 7 different prescriptions that carry a retail value of over $200?  (and that's a cheap estimate)  COVERED!

Insurance is the biggest scam of the modern world.  We're just arguing about how to make it last a little longer.  Bah, Who cares.

Hey, and a shout out to my two followers!!  Whooo Hooo!!!!  Hugs all around!!!

Oh, and there should always be good news:  Last week a teenager actually SAID OUT LOUD that "Hey, she knows what she's talking about, you might want to listen to her."  Holy crud, thought I was gonna faint.