Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So how are the seedlings you ask?

Some are good thank you, I mourn the loss of others, cut down in their prime.

Under the heading of "If it isn't broke, don't fix it."  All the starts I tried to put into dirt out of water died.  I do not have pictures of the carnage.

Things are going well for the Peppers and Chamomile.  

Some Boxwood Basil and the Catnip are doing fine too.

The weird looking brown stuff on top of the dirt is cinnamon, which is supposed to stop damping off, which is what happened to this poor flat of basil.  
They all toppled over, so I stopped doing anything to them and let the dirt dry out.  I dumped it out into a pot outside today.

Yes, I went outside today even though it is Raining, Raining, Raining.  Hanna went out with me.  She loves being out in the rain.  She also loves to be toweled dry, but you'd never know it from looking at this picture. 

She just hates the flashbulb.  You would also not be able to detect that SOME Rottweiler (who me?) was in my garbage can.  Hence the basil seed packet top by her schnozzle.

If it ever stops raining, I will go plant some seeds.  Here's my stash right now.

I can hardly wait!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birds! Lot of Birds!

The other day a flock of Grossbeaks (at least I think they are) flew in.  They got into the top of the tree across the street and flew around in it to release all the seed.  Then they all flocked to where the seed was dropping.

Luckily it was my yard!

Find the Grossbeaks (Post how many you find!) - I'll tell you tomorrow how many I counted in the picture.

Using the pond like I hoped the birds would

Waddaya Look'in At?

We don't get these birds a lot, but once in awhile, so I'm really glad Kermit called me over to see them from whatever  was doing.

Monday, March 28, 2011

First Bunny Romp of the Season!

Here it is Spring Break, and it is NOT raining the whole time.  It was nice enough yesterday to get out the x-pen and let Pepper run around in it.  He had fun digging, ate a dandelion I put in there for him.

Of course, my Rottie side-kick Hanna was out there with me, keeping the bunny safe while I puttered around the yard.


I have Pepper, and two God-Rabbits (my sister's, but I'm caring for them until she can have them again), so you'll be seeing more Rabbits.


Hanna loves being out in the yard with me.  Penny was out in the yard with me yesterday, but I didn't get any pics.  She ALMOST caught a squirrel, and man, it was just chittering and chattering LOUDLY at her from up my neighbor's tree when it got away.  Just cussin' her out something fierce.

Here's the Hyacinth from a little bit back.  I have some early tulips that the foliage is up, but no bud yet.  A few daffodills right by the house have bloomed.  They get heat from the dark color of the basement paint, so they bloom a good two weeks before the daffodils out in the garden.

See ya soon since I'm on break!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Back to Spring...

at least in theory.  I was able to get outside today and putter about in the yard.  I try to be as organic as possible, but one thing I do that isn't kosher is use Preen.  I love that stuff.  Really does work.  Picked up a bunch of leaves, raked in some Preen, pulled some weeds, and of course, took some pictures.

Hanna supervising my work.

Crocus in two different spots in my yard

Why deer are cute as long as they are not eating in MY YARD!  This was, repeat, was a nice little row of crocus.

Hyacinth that used to be out front, but I had to relocate them because of the earlier mentioned deer.

I'm really looking forward to buying a lot of perennials this spring to fill in our new border in the side yard.  Today while I was doing some spring pruning, I found two new Sage starts.  Some branches made their way under the mulch and started new plants for me.  That was a nice surprise.  I put them in the front slope today.

Happy days and happy gardening!