Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hello Spring! Back to Blogging!

I'm back!  But my camera is sitting at school, so you'll have to wait for pictures.

Earl the toad is out and about again, the fish are swimming around instead of just sitting there.  I even put Herkemer P Bunsworthy out in the x-pen while I gardened today.

Today I did a special piece of gardening.  I have owned two very lovely Rottweilers in my life, Hanna and Farro.  Both have passed on and their ashes have been sitting in my office for a long time.  I never quite knew what to do with them.

This past winter, I finally decided I would bury their ashes in my garden because they loved hanging out, watching the world go by while I gardened.  They both sat on the left and right hand sides of the front fence, where they had a good view.  In the left corner is a David Austen rose that blooms in pink starting in May.

We were at a garden center yesterday, and I found two miniature forsythia bushes.  Bright yellow blooms in the very early Spring.  In the summer, they will be 3x3' glossy leaved bushes that will hide the lower stems of the David Austen rose.  I dug triple deep, put their ashes in, covered it with compost, then put the plant in and back filled.  Now they will be in the garden with me always, and it makes me happy in a wistful sense.