Friday, March 7, 2014

A sneak preview of Spring!

What a wonderful day!

Got some bills paid, did a little tech research.  And then something great happened - the sun came out!

I had some errands to run so I did those first.  When I got home I leashed up the girls and took them out for a nice long stroll.

I started a new Ann Rule book on my tablet.  I love the Kindle app.  

The outdoors kept beckoning me.  Out I went and got really muddy.  I pulled some perennial Vinca out of my border and transplanted a dwarf Rhododendron.   When I pulled it out I was really disappointed in the root growth.  It's been in the ground for two years and it popped right out in mostly the same shape that it was planted in.  Which means it was horribly root bound and the roots are probably just still circling in.  I might dig it up again and box cut the roots. 

There were some Lillies that stuck out like a sore thumb after they bloomed last year, so I dug those up and put them behind some bushes so the foliage would be hidden but not the flowers when they bloom.  They came with the house, I'm not sure what kind of Lillies they are.  They were about 4' tall last year.  The corms were huge.  I was able to split one into three sections.  So more Lillies this Summer.

No early fake Spring day is complete without playing in the compost pile.  I have MAJOR wormage.  That's my term for big, fat, multitudes of worms.  

The fish have come out of hibernation and were greeting Sofie and I.  Penny opted to stay in and cuddle by her heat register.

It started to rain a little and I don't work outside in the rain.  I brought my muddy self in and it took a good 10 minutes to get all the mud out of my fingernails, because of course I did not wear gloves.  As if the day could not get any better, I look up and there is a FULL RAINBOW.

Cooked dinner, now I'm sitting on the Sofa with Sofie listening to Jazz and Classical.  With some Trip Hop thrown in.