Sunday, April 10, 2016

What a DAY!!!

Oh my Goodness, what a fabulous day.

First off, we have a woodpecker looking for love.  On our METAL propane vent attached to our chimney.  Sounds like a drill, and he likes to look for love early in the morning.  So I'M up early in the morning.  Even poor Kermit only got to sleep until 7am.

Mad a new quiche/frittata thing in the morning.  Shredded potato, cheese, bacon, eggs.  Turned out really nice.  Next time I'm upping the temp and cooking it shorter.  Took an hour at 350 degrees.

At around 10am, we headed out for a Clearwater County Safari!  Up and around the loop to Pierce/Weippe.  Took a side trip to Headquarters.  Took CiCi along and let her out to romp around from time to time.  Took a bunch of pics, which I will post on my Facebook Account since none of you actually read my blog.  Kermit reads it, and leaves anonymous comments.

I'll insert pics here tomorrow.

Ate a very nice lunch at the Pioneer Inn in Pierce. My club sandwich was great, and Kermit had their chili burger which they served open face like civilized people do.  I took half of mine home because the portions were sooo big! 

Got home, took a nap, then we walked the pooches around the park.  There was a big party at the City Park, with a bounce house.  The kids were using the splash pad and having a blast.

Now to the gardening part!!!

When we got home, I planted the following:

Two kinds of radishes (Belle types)
Carrots (Nantes - not as long because of our clay type soil even with amending)
Lettuce Mix

I tried the "Potato Experiment"  I took some clippings of rose bushes I wanted to start.  One from next door that has the daintiest pink blossoms.  The deer have been trying to kill it for years, but it survives.  The other one is a nice climber that I wanted to mix with the Lilacs and the Hummingbird Vine.  We'll see how it goes.  You stick the the cutting into a potato, supposedly keeping it moist.  I want to know the following:  What if I get a crop of potatoes under it?