Saturday, June 18, 2016

June as I remember them from years ago

Rain.  Lots of rain.  Good for planting, not so good for getting the leaves chipped and shredded to use as mulch.

Here's a link to more pics:

I also planted some Pink Muhly Grass out front.  Right now, it looks like a tall crabgrass.  I am hoping the blooms are all the magazines say they will be.

Below are some random pics from today just to spruce things up a bit.

Larkspur that seeded on it's own from about 5 stalks last year.  The hummingbirds LOVE this plant.

Lillies. I have to move them next year.  The laurel is shading it too much and they're having to lean very far left to be seen.  

Lamium, English Ivy, some kind of mint creeper that I can't remember the name of.  Calendula in the background.  The rabbits eat those, and can be put in salads for humans too.

New container garden for the year.

Our Koi.  The big white fish is 13 years old, and the spotty one is 4.