Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A busy day in Boise!

The conference is going really well.  So far, there has been PLENTY for me to do and learn.

Tomorrow, the IT Crowd will be out at the Meridian Center.

I am so proud of myself!  Armed with my phone and a complete lack of direction, I was able to go to the Boise Aquarium, the Boise on The Square Mall, and go Downtown for a meal in the Basque District.

The aquarium was crawling with kids.  Most of them were just adorable.  Being the mom/teacher type, there were a few that I had to set straight.  "Please don't poke the Iguana."  "Could you put those snails back in their tank?"

There were a few that I had some great conversations with on "What exactly DOES a stingray feel like?"  A young lady and I decided it was a mix of rubber and soft silky fur.  Whatever it was like, it was way cool.

I went in the bird cage and fed some.  I can't remember the type, but the lady said they were basically Australian Pigeons.  She said that they are considered pests there.  They were pretty though.  I have some pics on my phone that I'll upload when I get home.

Walked around the Mall, and didn't buy a dang thing.  Must be sick.

Got downtown where the most difficult thing was finding a parking garage that wasn't full.  I did find one though, right by the off ramp, so it was easy to find on my way back.

With my trusty phone by my side, I ventured to the Basque District and had a very nice Kobe Beef  sandwich.  I tried a watermelon beer (a small one, I was driving) and it was so refreshing.

That was a lot of walking.  Back at the hotel now, listening to a three piece combo playing jazz/blues/easy listening.  One female and one male singer.  I was at the patio bar, but it got horribly windy so I moved to my balcony at the room.

Now to just settle in and relax.