Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wow, so much has happened....

The yard grew of course since May.  Lettuce ended, peppers and tomatoes are ripening on a regular basis now that it is August.

My veggie beds need a rest next year.  The plants just aren't as big, harvest is down.  So next spring will be the "Year of the Soybean."  Plant the whole thing in them and flowers and let it go.  It will help rebuild the soil.

This Fall, I'm planning on replacing my raised beds after 10 years.  A little tweaking on the size and placement, but not a lot.

On to pictures!

Here's a few from June:

CiCi with her buddies the Koi

Walter the Rabbit

Pepper in a patch of Lemon Verbena.
Right now, the verbena is about the only perennial that looks half way decent.  Man, it's dry out here.

Some Garden Notes

What has worked:

  • Shredding leaves for mulch and adding rabbit bedding.
  • Buying herbs and annuals from Hay's in Clarkston
  • Chard has done great
  • Strawberries used in perennial beds (for looks, not covered so the birds and dogs are getting the fruit) - I do intend to put a permanent strawberry bed SOMEWHERE up on my hill with a cover.  
  • All the plants I picked for the pots around the pond are doing wonderfully.
  • So far so good on the new blueberry plants.
    • One regular
    • One pink blueberry bush
  • Snow peas did great in the half circle frame.  I'll do that again.

What has NOT worked:

  • Welded wire covers over beds with bird netting.
    • Robin got caught in it.  Hence, the need for a better location and cover for strawberries.  
    • Plus, it just didn't look neat and it got in the way  - A LOT.
  • Waiting forever to ship and shred leaves.  Do it earlier next year!
  • The year round lettuce never sprouted.  Either it is too hot, or the birds ate them.
    • I am going to make frames with bird netting when we make the new raised beds. The seeds need to be protected.
  • The lawn.  The freakin' lawn.  Getting water but is UGLY. Need to aerate and fertilize better next year.
Overall, the yard is still our little slice of sanctuary.  Green, water, aaahhhhh.