Sunday, November 16, 2014

A day in the life of a Fleuron Puppy!

I'm such a good girl.  My name is CiCi

I like to play bitey-face with Auntie Sofie ALL the time.

Sometimes Mom has to Lesson Plan or Grade Papers (whatever they are).
Then I have to go in my x-pen.
That's OK.  I like it in here.  She gives me lots of toys, and I....zzzz.

I go outside quite often.  I have no idea why.  Then we come back in and play some more.

Sofie and I play tug, and she always lets me win.

DAD's HOME!!!  I greet him at the door with Sofie.

This is Penny.  She loves me.  We nuzzle.  Dad still gives her plenty of attention.

When Sofie and I are playing, sometimes she gets concerned.
Or maybe she just thinks we're crazy.
Then I flop over again.  Being a puppy is HARD WORK.

I can't help being cute.

I get lap time with Dad.  He says to enjoy it while I can.
I do not understand this.  I'll always be a lap dog.

When it's really dark, and the humans start yawning, we go to our crates.  I am soooo good, I only cried for 10 minutes the first night.  I needed to let them know I am just a puppy.  But I like it so much in there, I've given up the ruse and just flop myself down and sleep until Mom or Dad's alarm goes off.  My Aunties and I wake them up on days the alarm does not go off promptly at 6am.  They must have forgotten to set it!

Catch up Post!

I had a great garden year.  I pickled many cukes, processed and froze many tomatoes.  Flowers didn't do so well this year.  I will try to be a better blog citizen next year just for my garden records alone.  I will not like the Iris of Garden Season 2015 when I go back and find....nothing.

We went to Oregon for a week and had a great time with my friends Steph and Wulf.  Met two of their friends who are very nice people.

We got a puppy!  Sharon Marples of VonMarc Rottweilers had a bitch available from the litter we met in August.  What a lucky break!  We thought they'd all been placed, but Sharon kept two and decided to place the last one.  WITH US.  Whooo Hooo!!!