Sunday, May 26, 2013

Garden Shopping!

My husband and I had a really nice day.  We went to Patt's Garden Center in Clarkston and spent too much money.  Went out to a nice lunch at Roosters, a restaurant overlooking the Snake River.

I bought two of those new grafted tomatoes - I'll be reporting on how they do compared to regular ones.  I hope they out perform them considering they were pretty pricey.

There will be a blueberry bush "Pink Lemonade" at the entrance to the garden.  Inside the fence of course.

I've been taking lots of pictures lately, so I'll just put a few here.

Markers of some of the annuals I bought:

The haul minus the blueberry bush.

Some of them potted up and placed.  The succulent bowl is repeats from last year stolen from various places in my yard.

There's a Rottweiler in my yard!  This is what she looks like when she's going full blast in her circle around the yard.  Those are snow pea seedlings in the raised bed.  Lupine, Garlic and Hollyhock to the far left.

And in Repose:

And that makes a perfect day for me.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Great weekend finishing with a Lazy Sunday

I shot some sports today, then came home and did some serious playing in the dirt.

Actually, it was more like playing in the dust.  I finally got all of my chipping and shredding done after the game.  Looks a lot nicer out there without all the piles and debri.  They are all nice and neat in their black composters.

When I came in, I was filthy.  Took a nice long shower since I was not fighting anyone for the bathroom. (You know who you are.)

The plant that tried to take over the world has been thwarted by newspaper and top soil.  There is some here and there that I couldn't do that with.  I'll just have to pull those by hand.

I'll have to go to Garden Web to look up what it is.  I asked last year and got an answer but of course never wrote it down here.  That is a great site by the way.

My next door neighbor's rose bushes died from being browsed by deer.  Dear Neighbor happens to live on the Deer Highway.  For some reason, they always take her garden to come down from the hill to the street.  There are plenty of other yards not fenced, so it's a mystery why they picked that spot. Having a big emplty spot, she asked me to look up some sort of prickly plant to put in it's place.  (ooohhhh, illiteration, my fave).

I chose a variety of barberry that is lime green.  I wish I could remember the name of the company, because the plants are minuscule.  They're putting on new growth and I'm happy about that.  They charged her more than $10 per plant that at a local place would have been a gallon specimen.  Locally, you can't get the variety that online offers though.  It's a trade off.  As long as I can get them to live through the summer they should be OK.

What's blooming:
Iris, Snow in Summer, Chives, Wigelia

What's fading:
Lilac, Tree Peony

What's done:
Laurel, Forget-Me-Nots (a wild sort), Forsythia.

What's always in bloom around here:
Sofie and Penny!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the 4th Be With You!!!

Sorry, couldn't help it.

Back to my regular programming:

What a busy day yesterday!  A teen came out and pulled grass for me and moved piles of debri that I created over a week or two.  I have a motto.  "I make the piles, someone else moves the piles."  Now that I don't have teens of my own, that may have to change.

I had a a bunch of plastic pots of varying colors and textures that didn't really go together.  So I bought some spray paint and got to work.

All lined up waiting for flowers.  I need to figure out the kind of look I want this year.  I want to change it up and make it look really different.

Here's a shot of the early Spring garden.

I found this planter at Home Depot and thought it would look nice with the other pots.  It fits this spot perfectly.  I usually put my fish planter there, but like I said, I wanted to change things up a little. this year.

In a little bit, I'll be going out front to pull some more weeds.