Monday, June 7, 2010

Tried fabric felt pens...

They did OK, but not great.  Pink ribbed tank top.  The green is kind of washed out looking.  The pink and purple turned out OK though.

I have a few shirts that have oil spots that I cannot get out, so I'm coloring them with these pens.  I'm working on some scrolls and whatnot to put on them.  For the tank top, I put on a standard vine doodle of mine.

I'll put a pic of it up later.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Last post, I spoke to soon...

Because it has been stinkin' raining EVER since.

Good part of that is the plants really like it.  My snow peas are very tall and are blooming.  The warm weather transplants are doing great because they haven't had any hard sun, and they have received PLENTY of water.  I haven't had to turn on a hose yet.

The bad part is that my town is about to flood, and I've been stuck inside not being able to putter in my gardens.

School officially ended.  I am going to a self-imposed summer school for a few reasons.

Last year I didn't really enjoy my time off because I kept thinking about all the things I had to do, but I didn't DO them.  So I'm going to stay at school for a week with one student volunteer (bless that teenager's heart), then go to a one week conference where I am going to actually get something out of it.  I'll be Adobe Certified when I walk out.  Then back to school for another week.  I'll be able to complete the Spring Supplement, finish writing the district Perkins application, and clean up my room.

So it will be very productive, and I'll be able to take a REAL break with no deadlines looming over my head.

Now if we could just get some sunshine with a 85 degree max, I'd be in heaven.