Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yup, it's still Winter here.

I must say I find my Weather Bug notifications amusing.

Every day - "Hey, it's Winter!"  Snow advisory, wind advisory, etc. etc.

In honor of Weather Advisory, I give you Snow Pics.

Sofie and Penny in the backyard having fun:
Penny always walks on the perimeter of the yard.

I took a big pink ball out for Sofie to play with.

"I hear a neighbor - Constant Vigilance!"

Digging - "There's Bunny Pan Mulch down there!"

The Pond in Winter.

We saw a new bird!  The color is off because I had to take these through the window.  If I tried to even squeak the window open it would fly away.

We looked the birdie up last night, and found out it is a Thrush.  Very poofy and LARGE.  When it sat on a small branch to eat the crab apples, the branch would sag.

Thrush in a Crab-Apple Tree

It's great to see a new bird!