Sunday, May 4, 2014

The story of a girl and 5 birds

A few weeks ago, I was puttering in the yard and thought I saw a weed in the middle of a plant.  I put my hand in to get it and pulled out...a bird's nest.

After closing my mouth  - it was gaping open stupified at the dumb thing I just did.  I shoved the nest back into the plant as best I could.  It had three little spotted eggs in it. 

Anywere from a few days to a week later, I was in the spot checking to see if I had woven it in back in well enough.  Obviously not, because the nest was on its side.  I looked down, and two of the little ones were on the ground.  I'm talking brand new with hardly any fuzz on them.  Now this is in the Dog Yard.  Luckily, I have very lazy dogs that never go out to their yard while I'm at work.  I picked them up, put them back in, and then devised a way to fortify the nest.

Fortified Bird's Nest.  That is garden fabric that rain goes through. 
I stuffed it with straw then put the trail of plant and nest into that approximately where it was built.
Momma or Poppa Bird in the nest with the wee ones.

I felt so bad for disturbing them in the first place!  Since then its been rainy and windy with no ill effects.  Mom and Dad bird take turns feeding, and they have not abondoned the nest.  If I get in a particular spot in the yard, I can see the fuzzbies in there.  All three are still there and are getting fat and sassy.  Definitely more fuzz on them.

Hard Working Duo taking care of the Fuzzbies.

Since it's in the Dog Yard, no cat in their right mind would be back there.  That's a plus.

I feel much better now.  It's a part of the dog yard that I'm in quite a bit and they have gotten very accepting of me being around.  They'll dart back and forth while I'm out there with the bunny.

Here's two pictures of who I believe is the Momma Bird.  I think the one that is male is a little fluffier with a bigger darker spot on its chest.

Mmmmmm....bugs.  It's what's for dinner.

Now that I have a nice picture, I'll re-look up what they are and edit this caption.
Now that they are settled, I hope all three make it to the flight stage.  Live and be well birdies!