Friday, June 29, 2012

Busy as a Bee!

But, no Bee pictures. We had some rain, and then some great sunny days, so I've been really busy in the garden. Took out the Snow Peas and the Lettuce. Put in Basil, beans, and cucumbers. Planted some more peppers, and freshened up the planters. Put out carrot seed too.  Tidied up the walkways and did some general maintenance.

Peppers and Strawberries

Basil transplants, Cucumber and Beans are from seed.

A Pumpkin!

I'm going to kidnap my youngest from Moscow today to meet the new pooch.  Everyone have a great weekend!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fabulous Lillies

I had some time to go through Sofie's vet records and discovered that her 1st Birthday was yesterday!   It seems that when she was 9 weeks old, she weighed 10lbs.  At 5months, she weighed 35lbs.  Big Puppy!

She's a smart dog, but very shy and fearful right now.  I'm waiting for her to become comfortable with all the changes, then I'm sure the Rottweiler adolescent BRAT will appear.

She loves running around the garden, and is very aware of walking/running areas vs garden space.

My Lillies came into bloom!  I gathered all of them up from the garden here and there, and planted them together.  The smell is wonderful when you walk by, or have the breeze blow it by you as we sit by the pond.


 New Fish - the small one.


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nice Day All the Way Around.

Sofie and Penny are getting along great.  Sofie met two of our neighbors and one of their dogs.  She just loves everyone.

I like getting up early, but Sofie is ridiculous.  4:30am today.  I waited until 6:30 to feed them.  Sofie kept staring at me, and even barked at me once.

Did some training, took a nap, then went out to the garden.  The lettuce needed to be pulled (sniff), and some weeding.  There's actually a lot that needs to be done out there, but I don't feel like it.  I need to decide what I'm going to put in that bed when the snow peas get pulled up.  Penny is trying to pull them up daily, but has failed.  That dog just loves snow peas.

My Lillies have bloomed!  It smells wonderful when you walk by them.  I'll get some pictures tonight and put them in here.  Probably some pics of Sofie and Penny too.  Imagine that.

Changed out the hummingbird feeders.  I read up on it, and I need to be changing them way more often.  When it's hot, every day.  So I'm going to not fill them, and just replace every day.

Sofie had her first FRAP!  Zoom, zoom around the gardens.  She caught on where the areas are that she can't go really quickly.  Penny chased her around, they wrestled a little.  Now they are both crashed in the living room.

Pumpkin actually came in today and hung around in the same vicinity as Sofie.  I keep letting Sofie know that the cat is "Mine."  The cat has the whole upstairs as a safe area, so I'm not too worried.  Sofie did not chase her when they met up in the yard last night.  Sofie sat and stayed very nicely while the cat was crossing the yard.

We're still working on "Down."  Sit is good.  Stay?  Uh, that needs a lot of work.  I'm also going to teach "Place" in the kitchen because she likes to lay in the MIDDLE of the kitchen when I'm in there.  Not so convenient.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Jaw Jousting at the Fleuron's

She's HOME!

I was very nervous about this part.  It was Noon Pacific time when we arrived.  It's hot out, so I decided to use that to my advantage.

Introductions I kid you not, took an hour.  I was expecting more like a few weeks.  Penny thinks that this is her dog.  As of now, they are both sacked out in front of me.

Penny started barking when I pulled into the driveway, which is usual.  So I put her in the house and put Sofie in the dog yard.  Unloaded the car.  Put up baby gates, then just left the dog exit open so Sofie could come in and out with no contact with Penny.

Eventually, Penny noticed there was another dog.  Took her about 5 minutes.  Then they looked and sniffed through the baby gate for a little bit.  Did the "Look at the New Dog" treats.  Penny started whining and play bowing like mad.  I continued to unload and just let them look at each other.

Then I decided to go out and water.  Penny in the human yard, Sofie in the dog yard.  Sofie and Penny proceeded to whine and play bow for another 15 minutes.  Sofie also checked out the bunnies, the garage, and sniffed all over.

When they were both relaxed, I stood over by the dog yard and did the treat thing with both of them for awhile.  After a time they started ignoring each other, so I opened the dog yard gate and just stood there.  Penny went and sniffed, Sofie was completely willing to let her be boss, and there was not an once of wariness  in either of them.  At that moment, they started tearing around the grass chasing each other, then ignoring each other off and on.  Penny would come and play a little, then do her rounds, then come back again.  Sofie started following her around to check the place out.  Penny and her drooled all over each other.  Literally.

Since it was hot, we came inside, Penny and I showed her around.  You are not going to believe this - Sofie LOVES Kongs.  Penny hates Kongs.  I showed a stuffed duck to Sofie and she looked at me like I was crazy.  So they aren't even interested in each other's toys.  Holy Dog Gods, did I luck out or what.  I cannot keep the Kong on the floor though, Sofie got a little protective of it when Penny walked by it.  So up it goes unless she's actively chewing under supervision.

I am armed with a water bottle just in case.  They both dislike the water bottle.  Good. They both sat for treats together.  Penny will always be treated first, fed first, and have sofa privileges.  Sofie will have to be a good girl for a long time to earn that.  Oh, and Sofie also answers to "Butthead."

Pumpkin came half way down the stairs, took one look at the dog, looked at me, and Me-owed like "What the FRICK is that?"  Went outside without an introduction at this point.  I know the cat is going to take a lot longer.

Sofie is konked out, Penny is in Flat Dog mode on the hard wood floor, starting to snooze.  Happy, Tired Dogs.

Even though it went well, do not worry MSP people.  I will have "Constant Vigilance!" for quite some time to avoid possible problems until we are all settled into routine.

Now I need to get Sofie to understand that this weird chair of mine must come down at some point, so she needs to lay a little to the right.  Right now her head is right under the recliner part.

Friday, June 22, 2012

She's with me!

Sofie and I are chilling out at a Motel 6 in Butte.  I got up at 6:30, chatted with the owner of the Vagabond in  Anaconda, MT - very nice lady.  Clean room, and I got a good night's sleep.  They had a little breakfast waiting for their customers, so I got some cereal and coffee.

Thank goodness, because it turned into a really long day.  Fueled up the car, bought a Starbucks Frappacino, two granola bars, and headed out.

The land around here is gorgeous and it's a very easy drive.  When I got into Idaho Falls, I called the rescue lady.  The poor thing was transporting my dog with a stomach flu!  So we decided we'd meet in a town called Victor.

We traded info and the dog, and back on the road we went.  Sofie loves her crate.  I can't say how much easier that makes everything - Thank you Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue for training that!

I must say I stand corrected about a point of view I've always had about Clearwater County.  I always say "It's in the middle of nowhere."  OH, NO IT'S NOT.  The drive from Missoula to Idaho Falls - THAT'S in the middle of nowhere.  Sometimes there would be signs to off-ramps saying "No Services."  Better than "Keep Driving Fool."

Sofie and I arrive in Idaho Falls, and she's still kind of spazzing out, so I went to the front desk and said a magic sentence that got me out of our reservation with no charges.  "My brand new 11mo old 65 lb Rottweiler is somewhat freaking out.  I thought it would be best if we kept driving."

The front desk person did not hesitate as her eyes got really big and said  "Done, have a nice drive and be safe."

We stopped at a rest stop about 120miles in, and it had flags waving in the wind.  She did not make it past those flags.  Plus, the highway traffic was also bothering her.  So we went for a quick walk, potty break for me and her (I used the bathroom thank you very much)   Then got back in the car, 170 more miles and 5:30pm, and...Here we are.

Things I noticed about her on the drive:  
She does not like the band Bush.  She likes Linkin Park and 3rd Eye Blind.  She DETESTS the windshield wipers when the thump across the window.  She's a nester.  Took all the blankies I had in the crate and arranged them into a butt rest and a pillow.  She does not like loud noises.  We'll go out for two more mini-walks, then snoozerino!  She's was already snoring a little while ago.

I thought she might look a Little like Hanna, but she looks a LOT like Hanna.  
Very different personality though.

What a dweeb.  We'll work on prettier sits.

Aren't I cute?


Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Leg of Getting Sofie - Done.

Things I love about Montana:  Mountains, hills, small towns.  The SPEED LIMIT!!!  Whooo Hooo!  I haven't driven 80mph in a looooong time.  It was a gorgeous drive.

Drove 5 hours towards Idaho Falls today.  Went 90 towards Butte, stopped in Anaconda.  Neat little town. Had dinner, now settling in for the night at a Mom and Pop Motel right by the highway.

Tomorrow, get up early (well, normal) and head off to Idaho Falls to pick up Sofie!  Brought a camera.  Forgot poo bags, so I picked up some small trash bags at Albertsons this evening.

I can hardly wait to meet her!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

I like rain just as much as the next person...

But hey, it's JUNE for cryin' out loud!

My plants are not complaining though.  All the transplants are doing quite well, and the greenery is exploding.

I saw a squirrel steal three or four strawberries today.  Some Grosbeaks, and 1 hummer at the feeder.

Pictures from last week:

Snow peas, cilantro, lettuce, broccoli raab:

Lupine and Hollyhock.  I've never actually seen a Hollyhock bloom, because it's always come up where the deer can get it.  One showed up in the side yard, so I look forward to that.

View from my hill.  

Notice the gap in the picket fence?  It fell down this Spring.  There is a welded wire fence up right now.  We're hoping to get that fixed this summer.

Hopefully I'll be complaining about the heat in a week or two.