Saturday, May 19, 2012

What a Beautiful Day!

Got up bright and early today, looking forward to a busy schedule, although self imposed.
Kermit compared me to a hyper chihuahua, and I'd have to say he was right.  Had my two cups of decaf coffee, looked around the yard and made plans.

It's been awhile since we did the whole A Road walk, so we decided to do that after a really nice breakfast.

Off to the store, then back to play in the dirt!

Today was the one day I use a power tool that I love no matter how noisy and dirty using it is.  Chipper shredder, how wonderful you are.

I shredded all of the leaves that were collected in Fall of 2011.  We bag them and pile them up and just let them sit.  They're nice and dry when I go to shred them in the Spring.

A few years ago, I was having the darndest time starting the thing.  So I took it to our local motorcycle shop, and they put a primer on it for me.  Works great since!

I put out the shredded leaves as garden mulch.  Then I chipped/shredded a big pile of garden remnants from Fall.

So I'm very happy to be in and blogging.  That was a physically busy day for me!

Now on to pictures!  I put out the hummingbird feeders this week and we already have resident hummers.  I think one might be a pair, the aggressive one doesn't bother her at all when she is feeding at HIS feeder.  He's a Rufus, first one I've ever had take up living in my garden.  I also saw another one that I think might be a Calliope.  No pictures of that one yet though.

Obligatory Picture of my Cat Pumpkin and Pooch Penny

I don't buy fancy pots for plants very often, but I really liked this one. We turned on the waterfall about April.

I've seen an itty bitty frog, and an itty bitty toad.  Earl has left the premises.  We had a good size thunder storm with lightning one night in April and then the next day he was just...gone.  Hope you found a nice lady frog to run off with Earl.