Monday, June 27, 2011

New Walk Part II

Flowers and whatnot on the trail.  There would have been Fauna, but I only bring the small powershot on walks, and I couldn't adjust fast enough to get a pic of a grouse and babies.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Walk! Part I

Kermit had me graduate to a new walk.  It is definitely more of a challenge.  When we went on our old walk last week, it was much easier than before.

Here is the trail head
The Boy Scout that did this is a student of mine - I'm sure he would be pleased that his work is giving me a work out.

And up we go!  It's steeper than the regular walk, but so much prettier.  There's always pictures of Kermit and Penny because I'm always behind them.  Luey was visiting us this weekend, and he went with us.

About half way up the hill...

It's a beautiful view from the top.

If we do the loop, the way down is the same as the regular walk with going down an extra hill.

Next time, I'll post flora and fauna pics from the trail.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cedar Waxwings are visiting our yard...

They are very pretty.  They sit up in the fir trees or our neighbor's birch, then they'll swoop down to sit in the Japanese Maple and bathe in the water.

About a year ago, Kermit dug a new pond for us.
Did a little landscaping.  This Spring, we've been working on it, and here it is now

Had some new Dahlia blooms today, so I took a picture of that too.  

I put in a LOT of annuals the other day.  Dianthus, Zinna, some hot and sweet peppers. I fertilized them today, so hopefully that helps.  Something is eating one of my Wave Petunias.  Not both.  I do not see any new damage, so it will probably recover.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beautiful Day!

Sorry, no pics for now. I forgot the camera at school again.  I'll pick it up tonight so I can show you compost pictures.

Speaking of compost, I have a good amount of it!  I sifted the "done" pile this morning.  Nice fluffy dirt.  I do the cold composting method.  Meaning I pile it, turn it once in a great while.  Try to chip/shred it before it gets piled.

I Love Worms!  If you are cold composting and are not finding lots of worms, you need to add food scraps, good dirt, dried tree leaves, and leafy greens.  If your debri is composting and you have no worms, you probably got an accidental hot compost.  It makes me really happy when I go to plant something anywhere in my yard and always find worms.  A sign of healthy soil.  

I gave up tilling about 3 years ago.  Now I just keep piling on the compost, and turn the soil with a garden fork if I feel like it.  When I plant, I can usually go down a good 7" with little effort.

Put some seeds out too.  Marjoram and Sean Conway Sunflowers.

Last night we made a ring for the Water Hyacinth out of foam pipe insulation and a PVC piece to connect the ends into a circle.  It moves around the pond in a really nice circle.  I'm going to buy small solar lights that float to put in the ring and around the pond.  That will be a good subject for a long exposure shot.

Laze around this afternoon, maybe go shopping, get mail.  This evening is a retirement party for some very special people.  It should be seriously fun.