Sunday, March 20, 2016


The OFFICIAL First Day of Spring!!!

What a fantastic day it was too.

Kermit and I made a nice Sunday breakfast, I worked on the yearbook a little in the morning.

Being such a nice day, we had to go on an adventure!  Opened up the Jeep, and off we went.  We took CiCi and Sofie to "Heart of the Monster" in Kamiah for a walk and some tracking training.  CiCi trained, Sofie played.  It is so cool to see CiCi when she's in tracking mode.

Came home, and did a bunch of yardwork.  Pulled up the leaves on the perennial beds and put them in the HUGE PILE to be chipped and shredded over Spring Break.

Transplanted my strawberries to a new place, We're going to be replacing the raised beds this year, so I needed to clear the bed under the pile of bags in the foreground.  Picture in the gallery below.

The bunnies both got to play in the yard today.  I only took a picture of Walter though.

Did some minor upkeep on the beds.  Sat and thought about what I want to change this year.

I dug up the hollyhocks today.  Their leaves never looked great, and they were too tall for where they were planted.  I was just done with them.  Shorter plants will be but in their place as not to block the view to the rest of the yard.

Mike grilled chicken for dinner and I sat by the pond, watched the fish, petted the dogs.

Now I'm back inside writing this.  I did finish a background for the yearbook.



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